The Dangers of Delaying Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The Dangers of Delaying Wisdom Teeth Extraction
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The older we get, the more we dread visiting the dentist. Many avoid making dental appointments until they must because of the excruciating pain. It is no different from wisdom teeth extraction. Scheduling your wisdom teeth removal in Tauranga can be more beneficial than you think.

There are several issues which can arise from ignoring the urgency of taking out your wisdom teeth. Here are the dangers of delaying wisdom teeth extraction.

Teeth and Jaw Pain 

While the pain of wisdom teeth growing can be mild and bearable, it can worsen over time. Because wisdom teeth do not always grow straight and sometimes there is not enough space for them to grow into, crowding can occur and lead to weakening the teeth closest to them. This can also affect the alignment of your teeth, which can be expensive to remedy in the long run.

Growing Infection 

If crowding occurs, your wisdom teeth may likely stay under the gum. This can cause severe aching over time and lead to an infection caused by cysts growing under the gum. These cysts can further damage the teeth structure, compromise the connecting roots and even impact the bone.

Accelerated Decay

Trapped or crowded wisdom teeth makes it harder to clean effectively. Because of the limited space to clean between teeth, food can get stuck, causing cavities and accelerating the decay of your wisdom teeth. It will also affect surrounding teeth, which is not only a hassle to professionally clean but can lead to you digging deeper into your pocket than you expected.

Gum Disease 

Wisdom teeth that only grow slightly out of the gum can become problematic because it is easier for bacteria to get trapped. Even with the most strenuous cleaning routine, the passage will not be sufficiently cleared out, and that can lead to an infection. As a result, the possibility of gum disease increases.

Not only are these issues severe, but they can also cause more discomfort for you in the future than merely following through with an extraction procedure. The process should not feel overwhelming, and at Dental Plus, we will ensure that you are comfortable throughout. We’re specialists in wisdom teeth removal in Tauranga and can assist you with any concerns you may have – contact us for a consultation.