Ultratough fillings

Ultratough fillings
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Natural teeth are incredibly strong, built to resist wear and tear from millions of chewing cycles. The hard outer enamel layer of teeth gives wear resistance while the dense inner core provides toughness and flexibility. Together they create a strong and elastic structure that stretches and bends under load to dissipate heavy forces.

Teeth lose much of this strength and durability once they have been filled with traditional non-adhesive methods. Stress cracks around old fillings are common and deepen with time, putting the tooth at increased risk of splintering. The longer a filling has been in place and the more stress it is under, the higher the risk of tooth fracture.

Amalgam metal fillings often perform well over several years in terms of surface wear, but cause significant weakening of the surrounding tooth structure and often allow decay-causing bacteria deep within the tooth as they age and corrode.


Fig.1.These amalgam fillings are still in place after many years and the teeth are not painful, but careful examination shows signs of damage in the surrounding tooth structure.


Fig.2. Once removed, there are clear signs of tooth decay growing deep within the tooth under the filling on the left


Some tooth-coloured filling systems have also performed poorly because they are weak, roughen with time and have a poor bond to tooth structure. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see decay under composite resin fillings that are only a few years old.

UltraTough fillings are our answer to these problems, using the latest technology to restore the strength and health of damaged teeth to the maximum extent possible. They are composed of several carefully selected restorative materials bonded into teeth in layers to restore strength, durability and bacterial resistance. Built with care from the world’s toughest filling materials, they are seamless, strong and invisible, and include a 5-year warranty against wear and breakage.


Fig.3. The teeth restored with UltraTough fillings. These not only restore the natural appearance of the teeth, they also add strength and increased resistance to decay


UltraTough fillings require extremely careful technique. To reach the required level of precision, we work with magnification and enhanced lighting. Compared with other filling systems, the process is time-consuming and requires meticulous attention to detail, but there are no shortcuts to quality.

In our experience, restoring teeth in this way provides exceptional long-term value for our clients. To back this claim, any UltraTough filling that breaks or has undue wear in a 5-year period will be replaced or repaired for free.

And the better you care for your teeth, the longer your dental work will last…