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Root Canal Treatment

Quality Root Canal Treatments Save Natural Teeth

Do you experience severe pain in a tooth when biting or chewing? Maybe you experience teeth sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and beverages? You might even have noticed an infection around a particular tooth. These are some of the common signs that you need a possible root canal treatment – the most effective option to save natural teeth.

Due to misconceptions about the procedure and the pain associated with a decaying tooth, many patients develop a dental phobia and avoid seeking treatment altogether, leading to tooth loss and other dental complications. This is why at Dental Plus the comfort of our patients is a top priority and all of our staff work towards providing you with a pleasant dental experience that is head and shoulders above most root canal treatments in Tauranga.

The Root Canal Process

A dental practitioner will perform a root canal on the affected tooth – a process that involves removing the infected pulp, thoroughly cleaning the inside of the tooth, filling the inner tooth again with a rubber-like material and finally protecting the tooth further with a filling.

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment remains one of the most effective ways to save a tooth. Gone are the days when teeth extractions were the only option for severely damaged teeth. In addition to this, patients also receive the following benefits:

  • Relief from pain
  • Treatment of the infection and a reduction in bad bacteria
  • Protected structure and health of natural teeth
  • A natural-looking smile1

Why Choose Dental Plus?

At our dental clinic, our patients can look forward to:

  • High standards in dental care
    We have highly trained dental professionals that deliver the best in dental care. Our dentists Tauranga will conduct a comprehensive oral assessment before recommending the best treatment plan for you. We’ll explain the treatment required and the process that will be followed. We encourage our patients to ask questions to understand what is involved.
  • Welcoming and well-equipped facilities
    We’ve applied great attention to detail to ensure our patients are greeted with a warm, welcoming, pleasant and comfortable environment. Our treatment rooms feature state-of-the-art equipment that helps us provide the best treatments and services possible.
  • Pain-free dental treatments
    As part of our efforts to ensure a comfortable dental experience, we take a proactive approach to painless dentistry. Contact our dental clinic for further information on all the options we offer to help you minimise discomfort in the chair.

Don’t’ suffer from an infected tooth or put your oral health at risk. Schedule an appointment at our dental clinic today. We offer a full-service menu from orthodontic treatments to smile enhancement procedures to root canals in Tauranga.

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